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Most Affordable Canadian Franchises

Scorpion Coatings can be applied wherever advanced protection is needed: Trucks, Flatbeds, Off-Road Vehicles, RV’s and Campers, Roofing, Boat Hulls and Decks, Floors, Horse Trailers, Decks and Walkways…

In 1996, Scorpion research made a major breakthrough in truck bed lining technology. This technology also extends to the lining of everything from trailers to tanks to decks, concrete, agricultural, oilfield applications, fiberglass, and whatever needs a solid protective coating. They didn’t stop with a chemistry change though. Scorpion has forever changed the way truck beds are lined – we made the entire process simple, safe, effective and very low cost.

This is where you come in. We are presently in the process of setting up a dealer network of 300 dealers throughout Canada. Instead of a large investment normally associated with complex truck bed lining operations – we can put you in business for only $15,000 with a superior product. This includes enough chemical to spray 10 trucks, application equipment, and support materials.

We signed our first Scorpion dealer on January 15, 1998 and are now considered one of Canada’s fastest growing truck box lining companies in Canada. In the USA, there are over 1200 Scorpion dealers and growing daily. Scorpion is considered the fastest growing truck bed liner company in North America.

This is a straight up – no gimmicks opportunity. We urge you to join our family of dealers.

Most Affordable Canadian Franchises


  • No paint booth is required for Scorpion. Our competitors “low” pressure systems operate at 1000 PSI which puts out an atomized mist that must be captured. Scorpion is applied at 30 PSI and does not require atomization to be applied.
  • Scorpion is not as messy as other polyurethane coatings because it does not mist and coat everything in the area.
  • Scorpion is packaged in easy to use 5 gallon disposable plastic pails. You will not need to unload and handle steel 55 gallon drums which weigh over 600 pounds each. If you don’t have a loading dock and a barrel truck – or a forklift – handling a drum of isocyanate can be hazardous and awkward.
  • When you are done with a 5 gallon pail of Scorpion simply dispose of it in the regular waste bin. Where do you put a used 55 gallon isocyanate barrel? What does it cost to dispose of or send it to a recycler? How many can you store? How many do your friends want?
  • Most of Scorpion’s competitors sell their product in 55 gallon drums and you must purchase them 2 at a time. That’s 110 gallons per purchase. Not a very efficient use of cash flow when these drum sets cost over $6,000.00 per purchase.
  • Scorpion’s “No Minimum Stock Level” policy means you only buy what you need. If you are going to try to store Isocyanate you will need to put a “nitrogen blanket” on the open barrel or it will develop ISO crystals that will always cause problems. Also you must make sure your barrels don’t get cold because it takes a lot to warm up 110 gallons of thick viscous chemical even though you are really only going to use 5 gallons.
  • Scorpion’s 5 gallon packaging is easily shipped – overnight if you wish by courier/bus/truck. A 600 pound drum of polyurea and isocyanate can only be shipped overland by truck – terminal to terminal, usually from distant locations.
  • Scorpion materials are easy to apply. The guns never wear out – there are no seals to give out – no heaters to fix – no filters to change – no sensors to malfunction – No hydro/mechanical/electrical technicians to maintain – just mix Scorpion with a $40.00 electric drill – pour and spray.
  • If you were to damage a gun the replacement is free. Yes – We offer a lifetime warranty on the spray gun. No competitors will match this.
  • The Scorpion system is one of the most color stable, versatile systems ever available. There are no hoses to purge. You won’t have to bury the preceding color and charge your customer for it. Scorpion dealers can literally offer their customers almost any color under the sun.



There are 6,600,000 new light trucks sold every year in North America. The average new truck receives $1,200 worth of after sale add ons. You’ll be able to offer your customers more color/texture and finish varieties than any other competitor.

Most Affordable Canadian Franchises



  • Marine applications such as boat decks, docks and galleys (it is salt water resistant).
  • Livestock and cargo trailers for cushioning and reinforcing.
  • Can be used with granules to provide non-slip surface anywhere. i.e. ambulance or wheel chair ramps.
  • Residential patios, decks, sidewalks, stairs, landings and even your driveway. Remember – this product will last about five times longer than paint or stain.

Most Affordable Canadian Franchises