No matter the weather, anything and everything is constantly attacking your car’s windshield. Unsightly dust, mud, water spots, dirty rain, grime, tree gum, and bird droppings all start sticking to the windshield almost immediately after cleaning it.

The Best Windshield Treatment for Canada


Under all these circumstances, you need a reliable windshield for your vehicle whenever you are on the road. While windshield wipers do a good job in keeping the ‘bad stuff’ away from your windshield, they may not be enough to make your windshield 100% reliable. This is where ceramic coating comes in.


What is a Ceramic Coating?


This is essentially a liquid polymer that utilizes nanotechnology to form a very fine, thin and completely transparent and invisible layer to the eye. A semi-permanent bond with the windscreen is formed by the ceramic coating, resulting in a beneficial layer that won’t break down over a short period of time, or wash away under cleaning or rain.


What does a Ceramic Coating Do?


There’s a good reason why ceramic coating has become a very popular windshield treatment option. When applied to the surface, the coating seals all the pores, making the surface wate

r-repellent (hydrophobic) and resistant to scratches, UV, extreme heat, chemicals, and other pollutants.


What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?


  1. Improved visibility


When driving in rainy weather, you need to maintain visibility so you can stay safe on the road. Even though the wipers will help shed rain water to some extent, having a windshield that’s not treated won’t help much. With ceramic coating, the hydrophobic characteristic stops rain water from clinging onto the glass, causing it to glide away more readily.

Besides rain water, there are also many other contaminants that can obstruct your view while driving. Besides water repellency, ceramic coating also has contaminant repellency properties. This means that anything that falls on the windshield will not cling to the surface, but will slide right off instead and allow you to have improved visibility on the road.


  1. Easier Cleaning


If there’s one thing that all car owners can agree on is that washing a car is a tedious, monotonous, and time-consuming task. Cleaning your car’s windshield can be a bit of a pain, particularly if it has got chemical staining from naturally acidic contaminants. But with a ceramic coating applied, contaminants will simply rest on the coating’s surface rather than etching onto the glass. This makes it so much to clean your windshield as a simple rinse will be enough to wash all contaminants away.


  1. Enhanced Gloss

The Best Windshield Treatment for Canada

If you’re a nit-picker for aesthetic perfection, you’ve probably been dissatisfied with how your car’s glass looks even after a thorough wash. Ceramic coating could be that extra “pop” that’s missing. The nanostructure fills in the imperfections in your windshield’s surface, thus goes a long way towards enhancing the look of your glass.


In conclusion, a ceramic coating is an ideal windshield treatment that you should consider if you are serious about visibility, quick cleaning and fine-looking glass.


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