Was your New Year’s resolution to make home improvement a priority this year? Did you have the same goal last year? Well, don’t let the year slip by without making 2018 the year that you renew your home. Maybe you put off improving your home last year because you are intimidated by the thought of a renovation. However, don’t let that get in your way. Home improvements don’t have to be expensive to make a huge difference. Here is a list of our favorite home improvement project ideas for this year.

The best Commercial coatings in CanadaUpdate Your Garage

Has your garage become a dirty, dumping ground? Is it full of stinky chemicals, oil spots and things that you never use? If so, then why not transform it into a beautiful, useful space that you’ll actually use? With just a few minor changes, you will have a streamlined, functional space.

The first step in transforming your garage is to get rid of everything that you don’t need. Take a moment to purge everything from your garage that you no longer use or want. After you clean out the garage, inspect the floor for signs of damage. Make repairs to the concrete. This would be a great time to update your garage floor with a concrete epoxy coating. A concrete epoxy coating will make your concrete look brand new again. You can choose a concrete epoxy coating that has colored chips, which makes your floor look like terrazzo or granite. After you are finished with the concrete epoxy coating, consider adding storage to your garage. Add tall shelves to use the vertical space. A ceiling-mounted platform is another great storage idea for a garage as it allows you to use unused space close to the ceiling.

Protect and Enhance Your Concrete Deck and Walkways

Is your concrete pool deck slippery? Do your front walkways look old and worn? If so, then enhance your concrete decks and walkways with a concrete epoxy coating. A concrete epoxy coating will help enhance and protect your concrete decks. A concrete epoxy coating is a low-cost update that you can make that will make your walkways safer and more attractive. A concrete epoxy coating is resistant to fading, scuffing and blistering.

Add Solar Window Film to Your Home

The best Commercial coatings in CanadaOne great energy-efficient update for 2018 is window tinting. Scorpion window films are not just for cars. They can be added to the windows in your home to help lower your energy consumption, control glare and heat and block harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Window films are a great residential update as they lower the glare inside your home. This makes it easier to watch your favorite show on television and work on your computer without battling excess sun glare. Window films also help keep your home comfortable and cool in the summer months. Plus, they allow you to keep your beautiful view outside so that you can stay connected with the outdoors all year long.

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