Has the reality of the end of boating season set in for you?  For most of the Canada boating season has wrapped up and your favorite summer pastime has switched to football.

NOW is the time.  Address the updates you want to make to summer pleasure cruiser so when the time come next Spring, all you have to do is get it in the water.  Nothing puts a damper on your boat’s performance — or your season — like having to handle unexpected maintenance.  Especially something that was preventable with boat barrier coating.

The best boat coating company in Canada

Bass Boat-Scorpion’s XO2 applied for its unique customization.

In our 20+ years, Scorpion Coatings have seen numerous different application of any type of boat on the market.  The type of boat and the purpose for the coating always changes, but the performance stays the same.


Below are some example for recent application of Scorpion on boats.  Most of these are privately owned, some are fleet, and some are military.

Pontoon Boat- Scorpion’s XO2 applied on the deck and walking surface with additives to create a non-slip finish.

Pontoon Boat- Scorpion’s XO2 applied to engine housing to prevent damage from fluids and gas spills.

Pontoon Boat- Scorpion’s XO2 applied to the floats to prolong the life.

Fishing Trawler- Scorpion’s XO2 applied for abuse protection.

Fishing Trawler- Scorpion’s XO2 applied for non-skid boat deck coating.

Military Vessels- Scorpion’s XO2 non-skid, abuse, fire retardant, anti-microbial,

I would say the chances are high that your boat could benefit from one of the above boat coating applications.   When you consider where some of these applications are being used, I would bet that Scorpion’s XO2 protective coating will perform for your application.   If you are considering an upgrade, now is the time.  Take care of your Summer pleasure cruiser now so it is primed and ready next Spring.

The best boat coating company in Canada

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