Simply combine and mix. Can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on! Perfect for truck bedliners, jeeps, trailers, vans, RV roofs and much more!

Make Your Truck Stand Out on the Road With Custom Colored Bed Liners


If you’re looking for the toughest and most durable DIY (do-it-yourself) bedliner and protective coating on the market today then look no further than Scorpion Protective Coatings. With Scorpions 2 Gallon DIY polyurethane/acrylic Bedliner Kit you can customize almost anything as Scorpion seamlessly adheres to any shape or surface contour. This means that Scorpion offers a universal solution to protect any type of vehicle exterior/interior or just about any other project you have in mind. Whether it’s unseen protection for a Jeep tub to defend against moisture and corrosion, a rugged exterior layer to guard against real world scrapes and scratches, or a tough durable truck bed bedliner, you can travel confidently on-road and off. It’s also backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

The Scorpion 2 Gallon DIY Bedliner Kits come complete with all components needed (A, B, C, Adhesion Promoter, and Color/Tint) – all pre-measured so mixing is quick and easy. Simply pull the contents out of the box, mix, and apply. The optional application gun features a 5 port nozzle and is highly recommended to ensure even coverage and desired texture. Scorpion’s 4 step process is perfect for do-it-yourself, at home applications. It doesn’t require a spray booth and minimal personal protection is required. Don’t have a compressor or application gun? Don’t worry, Scorpion can be brushed and rolled on with professional results! Need multiple kits or a larger quantity? Save Big when you purchase more than 1 kits at a time! Contact us prior to ordering

* Shipping and local pickup available from Scorpion Coatings Hamilton. 2 Gallon DIY Kits also available at Jeepman’s Offroad, Stoney Creek, ON. Cash, Visa & MasterCard accepted (via Paypal Invoice).


Key Benefits

  • Easy DIY Installation (spray, roll or brush)

  • Extremely Tough & Durable

  • Will Not Crack, Peel or Bubble

  • 100% UV Stable (fade resistant)

  • Helps Prevent Rust

  • Watertight/Airtight

  • Resists Most Chemicals/Solvents, Anti Static

  • Non-Skid Surface (safety aggregates available)

  • Reduces Noise/Vibration
  • Protects Metal/Wood/Fiberglass/Concrete

  • Tintable (12 Standard & Custom Available)


  • Truck Beds

  • Jeep Floors & Exteriors

  • Rocker Panels

  • Bumpers & Off-Road Accessories

  • RV Roofs

  • Industrial Equipment & Parts

  • Boat Decks, Hauls & Exteriors

  • Utility Trailers

  • Van & Delivery Vehicle Floors

  • Construction Equipment

  • Farming Equipment

  • Residential Decking & Pool Liners

2 Gallon DIY Kit Includes

  • (x2) 70 Ounce Containers of Component A

  • (x2) 28 Ounce Containers Component B

  • (x2) 28 Ounce Containers Component C

  • (x2) 4 Ounce Containers Black Tint

  • (x1) 6 Ounce Container 8001

  • (x1) Pump Sprayer (for the 8001)

  • (x1) Easy To Follow Mixing & Application Instructions (spray, roll, brush)

  • (x1) Scorpion Coating Dome Sticker & Brochure

  • Each Kit covers a 6ft truck bed & tailgate or approx. 70 sq ft.




Scorpion offers a wide range of polyurethane based protective coatings including it’s flagship product X02. X02 is a an acrylic-reinforced, aliphatic, aromatic polyurethane and when combined with our patented acrylics blend, adds ease of application and UV stability. Scorpion X02 can be batch mixed in any quantity and yields excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and superior elongation and tear properties.  Scorpion XO2 performs exceptionally well in virtually all production, weather and chemical environments.


  • No change in physical from -40 to 200℉

  • Elongation: 453%; will flex 4.56 times original size

  • Resistant most chemicals and solvents

  • Does not absorb water

  • UV and color-stable properties

  • Die C, Tear Test: 351 PSI

  • High Abrasion Resistance

  • Anti-Static – Static decay is less than 1 second


Scorpion coatings are designed to create an impenetrable barrier between your investment and nature’s harshest elements, such as moisture, humidity, salt, or extreme temperature changes. Scorpion coatings is also ideal for applications were a protective barrier from most chemicals, petroleum, and harmful environmental contaminates are stored.


Scorpion can be applied on virtually any surface including metal, wood, fiberglass, concrete and more. Scorpion is also infinitely adjustable for critical factors such as dry time, colours, hardness, and texture including various granular effects with Scorpions Rubber Crumb or Grrppr Granules.


Scorpion commercial solutions are designed to be tough. Tough enough for the rigors of industrial use and abuse. Scorpion offers solutions for virtually and business, manufacturer, or municipality serious about protecting and prolonging the life of it’s assets – be it equipment, infrastructure, utilities, health and safety, service and fleet vehicles, transportation, or public works. We work with many manufacturers, commercial and industrial industries and up-fitters of every size throughout the world.


How do I purchase a kit?
Kits can be purchased in person or online. Shipping and local pickup also available. Simply click on one of the “Order Your Kit Today” button and fill out the quick and easy order form. Once your order has been received we’ll send you an online invoice to be paid. Visa, Mastercard accepted. Please indicate in the form if you prefer shipping or pickup.

What is the difference between Scorpion Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kits and other DIY Kits?
Scorpion truck bedliner is vastly superior to all DIY truck bed liner Kits in critical areas such as tensile strength, UV stability, and tear strength. It is not cheap epoxy or polyurethane with filler and solvents added to reduce cost.

Is Scorpion Liner hazardous?
Scorpion Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kits were engineered to be very safe to use. There is not a safer DIY truck bed liner on the market, but you must be responsible and avoid prolonged skin contact or inhalation. Your lungs were designed for clean air, not dust, smoke or chemicals. You need to spray in a well ventilated area and wear an approved 1/2 face respirator with chemical cartridges.

Is Scorpion a rust protector and/or does it prevent rust?
Scorpion Liner bonds directly to the substrate so no moisture or air can get in. If it rusts, it will have to come from the backside. Scorpion Liner is a little over qualified as an undercoating. No undercoating or rust prohibitor has the physical properties of Scorpion. They are not intended to have good physical properties.

How long before I can use my new liner?
Scorpion Liner is dry to the touch in 1 hour. Light duty use in 24 hours and heavy abuse in 72 hours.

Does Scorpion Liner have a warranty?
We warranty Scorpion Liner to not deteriorate or degrade in any way. The warranty does not cover physical damage and the application is up to the applicator. If you do not mix it properly or prep the surface correctly, that falls under the applicator. Be sure to read the mix and spray instructions carefully.

How do I prepare the surface to spray?
Wood requires no preparation. Fiberglass and metal need to be scuffed with 36 grit or coarser medium. Sand blasting will give you a great surface. Wipe clean with a good solvent to eliminate surface contamination. What about bare metal, how do you prep it? Scuff the metal with 36 grit or coarser media and/or blast then apply a light coat of etching primer. Spray on a light coat of Scorpion adhesion primer/promoter and spray.

Can I repair my liner if it gets damaged?
Scorpion Liner bonds very well to itself. Minor damage can be repaired with a brush. Major damage will probably need to be sprayed. Scorpion can also be used to repair other bed liners or as a top coat to extend and save your existing bed liner.

Can Scorpion Liner be painted over?
Yes. Use a polyurethane paint for best results.

Is shipping available or can I pickup a kit in person?
Yes, shipping is available across Canada for a standard flat rate. Local pickup is available from Scorpion Coatings Hamilton. Please contact us via our Contact form below or call us at 905-818-6846.

Do I get a discount if I order multiple kits? What if I need a lot of material?
Yes, if you require more than 1 kit or need Scorpion liner in a larger quantity please contact us prior to order and we will put together a custom kit for you with substantial savings.



Al’s Liner Bed Liner Gravity Fed Spray Gun

  • Hopper Capacity: 1.25 Gallons
  • 3 texture orifices included
  • 5-point texture nozzle allows applicator to achieve different textures and finishes

$99.99 CDN


Black Rubber Crumb Bed Liner Additive

  • Non-skid additive, made from recycled tires
  • Stretches material square footage
  • Great for flooring or for users looking for aggressive textures

$24.99 CDN


Vinyl Flattener Hardener Additive

  • Allows use to achieve a matte or flat finish
  • Used on exterior applications where a gloss finish is too reflective
  • Increases shore hardness

$39.99 CDN


Al’s Liner Lecithin Mold Release 12oz. Spray Can

  • Use as pre-treatment for easy spray gun cleanup
  • Rapid dry, anti-stick, vegetable based formula
  • For use with hot or cold molds or equipment
  • Biodegradable colorless and odorless

$19.99 CDN


Al’s Liner Roller and Brush Kit

  • Includes: (1) 3 inch brush
  • (2) 4 inch rollers
  • Roller assembly
  • Paint tray

$23.99 CDN


Scorpion Coatings Bedliner Colour Tints

  • Special formulated with superior polyurethanes
  • Higher density (reduces the amount needed)
  • Pure pigment only. No binders, hardeners, or additives

Contact For Pricing



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Truck Bedliner
Truck Bedliner
Truck Bedliner
Truck Bedliner
Truck Bedliner
Truck Bedliner
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