Best RV Roof Coating in Canada

Best RV Roof Coating in Canada


“What else can I spray with Scorpion” is a question I get asked a lot. The protective coatings industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and spray on truck bed coatings is one that fits into a certain niche of the coatings industry.


Unlike other truck bed coatings, Scorpion is not limited to just spraying truck beds or what we can fit into our spray booth. Scorpion is the most versatile protective coating on the market and we see examples of this almost every day by pictures being sent to us of numerous coating applications that have nothing to do with a truck bed.


I have picked 2 such examples of spray in bed liner uses to email out to everyone to show you what is really possible with Scorpion. I have attached 2 sets of pictures to this email from 2 different Canadian applicators that really show how Scorpion Protective Coatings can be used in different markets.


The first is from an Alberta applicator that specializes in spraying the high impact areas on Motor Homes and Travel Trailers. In the pictures you will see that the color is VERY close to the factory paint scheme and the end result is a very well protected front end that will look great for many years to come. For many of you who have owned a Motor Home you will agree that these units take an incredible amount of abuse from rocks and bugs due to sThe Best RV Roof Coating in Canadauch a large flat area pushing its way down the highway at 110. Normally the only option has been to buy a special “bra” for these units and besides looking ugly right off the get go they will eventually damage the paint in behind even worse than if it wasn’t there as little rocks get in behind it and constantly scratch away at the paint as you are driving. Plus, these “bras” are made of “cloth” and will themselves eventually rip or break down.The Best RV Roof Coating in Canada


So, once you see the attached pics you will ask yourself “why don’t they offer this type of protection at the RV dealership? People would love it!”.

Well the question you have to ask yourself is “Why haven’t I offered this to my local RV dealership?”.


The RV market is huge, and this is just one application out of many that you can offer them as we have seen many examples of Scorpion spray in bed liner being applied to RV’s over the years.



The other application is a hydraulic vehicle lift in a mechanics shop. As you can see by the pictures the steel ramps look horrible before they get sprayed with spray in bed liner material and the end result is very attractive but also very protective against future damage and abuse.

This protective coating application was sprayed by one of our Quebec applicators early this year and he focuses on everything outside of the box (truck box). I think you would agree that it is a night and day difference between the before and after pics.


This shows you 2 examples of different applications that have nothing to do with a truck bed. There are MANY such applications in many different markets that Scorpion protective coating can be used for in different ways. The one thing about spray in truck bed liners is that it is a very competitive market and most companies compete by just lowering their prices which is just a race to the bottom. Any bed liner material applications that are outside of the box (truck bed) can be major money makers as you are not competing with a bunch of guys that chase trucks.

So look around your area and see where you can fit Scorpion in and I am positive you will be in for an eye opener for how many different opportunities there really are.

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