Best Garage Floor Paint In Canada

If you’re looking to update your garage, one of the best places to start is with the floor. Over time, garage floors naturally get stained with grease, oil and rust. This not only looks terrible but it can cause oil and dirt to get tracked into your house.

An affordable way to enhance the beauty and functionality of your garage is with garage floor paint. Painting your garage floor is a worthy upgrade that offers many benefits, such as:

It will improve the overall appearance of your garage.
An affordable solution to a new look for your garage floor. Best Garage Floor Paint In Canada
Can impress potential home buyers if you are looking to sell.
Anti-slip additives can be added to epoxy floor coatings to reduce the likelihood of a fall.
Unlike concrete, epoxy garage floor paint can be easily wiped clean.


Tips to get started

It’s easy to get started on a new garage floor today. Here are some tips to help you prepare your garage for a paint job.


Choose Your Product

When people say garage floor paint they are often referring to two different types of products — epoxy and paint. Although these two products are both applied the same way — with a roller or a brush— they are quite different.

Garage floor paint – Concrete floor latex paint is easy to apply and is the most inexpensive option. If your floor has minor stains, latex paint will give it new life.

Epoxy – This product is ideal for concrete floors that are heavily stained. It also works well if you want a non-slip surface as it can be enhanced with additives that reduce its slipperiness. Epoxy coating is also resistant to oil, grease and other stains. This garage floor epoxy coating provides a tough, durable surface. Epoxy can be mixed with color chips to create different color options and textures. The result is a really nice-looking garage floor. Auto showrooms and professional garages often use epoxy garage floor coatings.


Start With The Proper Preparation

No matter which product you choose, you’ll need to start with the proper preparation. Preparation is key when it comes to a durable, lasting garage floor paint job.


Clean the floor – Concrete is very porous and collects all kinds of grime easily. So, you’ll need to clean the floor really well. Start with a wet-dry vacuum to thoroughly pick up debris. Then, apply a degreaser with a stiff brush to remove any oil spots. Pressure wash the floor really well.


Repair any cracks – Garage floor paint paint to adhere properly, there should not be any serious cracks or damage in the concrete. Patch small holes and cracks with a concrete patch product.Best Garage Floor Paint In Canada


Apply a Waterproofer – If your concrete floor tends to get damp, apply a waterproofer before having the floor painted.


Etch the floor – Etch the concrete before applying a floor coating. You can buy an etching solution at a hardware store and use a bristle broom to apply it to the concrete.


Allow the floor to completely dry before applying the paint or coating to the concrete.

Other Things to Keep In Mind

For the best results, always read the product instructions carefully.

Pay attention to suggestions for temperature and surface preparation – The surface temperature must be high enough to allow for a good garage floor paint bond. Also, too much humidity will negatively affect your garage floor paint.

Final Thoughts

A garage floor paint job is a wonderful way to upgrade the look of your garage. It can improve the overall durability and safety of your garage.